Feminist Review Peer Review Honorariums

Feminist Review greatly values the work of our reviewers. In recognition of the contribution of your expertise and labour, we are offering an honorarium of £130 for completed reviews. In extending this honorarium, we acknowledge that review work is not usually recognised and compensated by academic institutions. In addition, the widespread reality of precarious and... Continue Reading →

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Addressing the Crisis of Care in Feminist Review

In the early days of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Feminist Review Collective put out a communication about slowing down and committing to carrying out ways to care for and respond to the needs of our authors and reviewers, and the wider community. A month and a half later, some members of the Collective sent the... Continue Reading →

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Submissions open for Currents (Issue 137, 2024)

CALL NOW CLOSED Feminist Review welcomes submissions to its annual Currents Issue. The FR Currents Issue profiles original, interdisciplinary and intersectional feminist research on themes that engage with topics in feminist, gender, sexuality and women’s studies. As well as full-length articles, in our Open Space section we publish experimental pieces, visual and textual media and... Continue Reading →

Celebrating Yula Burin

BY NYDIA SWABY AND TERESE JONSSON In this series, we celebrate the life of Yula Burin. Yula was a Black feminist poet, writer and activist, involved in many different political and arts projects and communities in London over the course of her life, including Black Feminists UK, Lambeth Women’s Project, Women’s Radio Group, X Marks... Continue Reading →

Did we dream you?

BY SABRINA QURESHI You can’t snatch my friend from me...how dare you be so cruel! my friend who deserved so much better so much more… My friend who walked tall...who glided like an angel... who laughed measuredly ‘cause she knew real pain and so recognised and felt true joy.... My friend who did not give... Continue Reading →

Remembering Yula

BY CHITRA NAGARAJAN AND LOLA OKOLOSIE In the age of influencers and non-stop talk, it is perhaps easy to forget the power of those who are quiet, who listen with intent and who, like our friend Yula Burin, speak with the perfect balance of assurance and humility.   We first met Yula over a decade ago... Continue Reading →

Yula Dear

BY URSULA TROCHE It took me ages to find words, losing someone as precious as Yula, something we who have known her all feel. She was active in many places and spaces of Feminist and Black Women's Politics and Archives, and around and beyond it, wrote for Feminist Review, presented at a Black History Studies... Continue Reading →

How Yula made you feel

BY RASHNÉ LIMKI My standout memory of Yula is from when we got together, with Lola, to record us reading and speaking about Audre Lorde. Although we'd probably been in Black Feminist meetings together, this was the first time we'd had a chance to actually speak, and laugh, intimately—to commune. I recall being captivated by... Continue Reading →

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