FR Online Writing Workshop – Call for Applications

Feminist Review invites applications for an online scholarly writing workshop for women early career researchers* from Black and racialised minorities. Our aim is to provide a space of self- and peer-to-peer feminist care that encourages confidence, openness to critique and the active bringing of one’s voice into academic writing. We also hope that the workshop... Continue Reading →

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Feminist publishing – slowing down, taking care

In view of the Covid-19 global pandemic, the Feminist Review Collective will be making a number of changes to how we manage and run the journal. Our focus is on the health and well-being of our authors, reviewers, production staff, editors and readers. Covid-19 is ultimately a crisis of care and we are taking this... Continue Reading →

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Confronting ‘The Household’

BY KIRAN GREWAL, CLARE HEMMINGS, LETICIA SABSAY AND ALYOSXA TUDOR We are a group of feminist academics and activists, fed up with the ways in which ‘the household’ has so quickly become normalised as part of the discourse about Covid-19. The four initial blog pieces that kick off this series come out of conversations amongst... Continue Reading →

Resisting the Violence of Common Sense

BY KIRAN GREWAL As the lockdown began I was overwhelmed by two emotional responses. The first, as a full-time working single mother of a five-year-old and a fairly recent migrant to the UK, was a sense of complete isolation and betrayal. The second, an overwhelming and desperate rage, watching reports and responses to domestic and... Continue Reading →

Revisiting Virality (After Eve Sedgwick)

BY CLARE HEMMINGS[1] There are so many reasons to feel as though one has time-travelled back to the late 1980s/early 1990s as we experience the coronavirus pandemic and its effects in such divergent ways, globally and locally. For many queer people in the West, the association of touch and risk is connected not only with... Continue Reading →

Where Are You?

BY LETICIA SABSAY Like many of us, in the first weeks following the lockdown and as soon as universities moved online, I started seeing my students virtually, marking the start of what would soon become my Zoom life. I work full time in London and have a life—certainly a pretty nice one—there. But I also... Continue Reading →

Racism, Migratism, Covid

BY ALYOSXA TUDOR We have been asked to ‘shelter in place’, to isolate within the household. All contributions in this FR blog series investigate the pre-given assumptions about the ‘safety’ of the household and the privilege that comes with being able to shelter in place, in contrast to forced confinement and exposure to danger, be... Continue Reading →

Condemning Crackdown on Women Activists in Delhi

1,100+ FEMINISTS ACROSS RELIGION, CLASS, CASTE, ETHNICITY, ABILITY, SEXUALITY AND GENDERS ISSUE SOLIDARITY STATEMENT. [Read in Hindi (PDF) | Read in Urdu (PDF)] DENOUNCE false narratives that try to link anti-CAA protests with the violence in Delhi. DEMAND an immediate stop to targeting of Muslim women activists under the shadow of the Covid-19 lockdown. SEEK... Continue Reading →

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