Paris is Burning

BY NIGEL CLARK and KATHRYN YUSOFF Asking the question `what does it mean to be oriented?’ Sara Ahmed invites us to think about spatial orientation and sexual orientation together, as we follow familiar paths or attempt to carve out new pathways through the world. One way to trouble the path-taking process, she suggests, is to... Continue Reading →

Child’s Play

BY MAYU IIDA Hazel: […] I felt like I could see it the radiation hanging in the air a sort of filthy glitter suspended and I don’t like it. I’m not a silly woman and of course my background would suggest that I could but I couldn’t I couldn’t stand it any longer. On 3... Continue Reading →

‘Connatural’ read by Anthony Anaxagorou

Listen to poet Anthony Anaxagorou perform his piece 'Connatural', which appears in Feminist Review Issue 118 - Environment.   Anthony Anaxagorou is a British-born Cypriot award-winning poet, fiction writer, essayist, publisher and poetry educator. He has published nine volumes of poetry, a spoken-word EP and a collection of short stories. His poetry and fiction have... Continue Reading →

AnnMarie Wolpe: 1930–2018

BY MAXINE MOLYNEUX AnnMarie Wolpe who died in February, was a Sociologist and one of the founding members of the Feminist Review Editorial Collective. In the early years after FR was founded in 1979, the Collective often met in Michelle Barratt’s house in ‘Cally Road’ as Caledonian Road was known. The meetings were on Sundays, starting... Continue Reading →


Feminist Review is a peer reviewed, interdisciplinary journal committed to  contributing to conversations on feminist values, theory, methods and activism. Our editors are a collective and many work for universities, having come to academic life later and through several non-traditional routes. Our contributors and reviewers also include academics who work for pre-1992 universities. The journal would not... Continue Reading →

The Desire for Categories

BY ALYOSXA TUDOR Recently, a colleague ‘cited’ me in a German newspaper article. He deplored that I refuse to see the murder of Theodoros Boulgaridis, committed in 2005 by a (state-supported) Neo-Nazi terror cell in Germany, as racist. The cell targeted migrants and the victims mostly had a migration history from Turkey1—Theodoros Boulgaridis was the only... Continue Reading →

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