feminist disavowal or return to immanence?

‘For me, this collection of bodies, by inviting comparison with an idealised form, demonstrates how women’s sense of agency is ‘forcibly foreclosed’. The ‘deviant’ display pf wobbling body fat represents a subversive challenge to the normalisation of this ideal, and enables female spectators to glimpse the potential joy to be had in collective resistance.’

Sarah Gorman, Roehampton University, London in Feminist Review #105

bodies nic green

{Image taken from Nic Green’s website, see: http://www.nicgreen.org.uk/#!__trilogy }

From the Abstract: ‘This essay discusses the work of two female theatre-makers, and their strategic use of nudity on stage. The author appropriates signs of indignation in this work in order to re-visit the ‘problem’ of the female form being traditionally associated with bodily immanence rather than transcendence’

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