Month: February 2014

‘Think of race or of patriarchy, of their internal, compulsive shapes and external structures; of how at the same time they are what we ‘live’ and how we make our own kind of sense of life. They frame ways of thinking and feeling and experiencing, which are not always cognitively or consciously available. The ‘maps of meaning’ that enable us to become subjects are what in another context we would call ‘culture’. And yet at the at very moment when these structures of exclusion, of superiority and inferiority, of marginalisation, of otherness are operating, the troubled subject comes to life.’

Recalling Scent of Memory and FR 100


‘Knowledge is not so much about the assemblage of existing knowledge as it is about recognising our constitution as ‘ourselves’ within the fragments that we process as knowledge; ‘hailing’ and being ‘hailed’ within the discourses that produce and the narratives we spin: directing our socially, culutrally, psychically and spiritually marked focus of attention upon that which we appropriate as ‘data’ or ‘evidence’.’

Avtar Brah, ‘The Scent of Memory’ 61 Feminist Review (1999)

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