Month: March 2014

cfp Debility and Fraility

Kahlos shoes

Feminist Review invites submissions for a Special Issue on the theme of ‘Frailty and Debility’. Given the longstanding feminist critique of the bounded, discreet and autonomous body this special issue wants to extend and investigate the cultural and biopolitical techniques that secure and normalise ablebodiedness. The issue aims to engage with and develop feminist discussions of embodiment, affect and care through the phenomena and problematic of frailty – be it bodily or cognitive — and what some writers have dubbed ‘debility’, defined as ‘the impairment, lack, or loss of certain bodily abilities’ (Julie Livingston). Both concepts provide a means of queering and thinking critically about the production of abled-bodies and notions of capability

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IWD – 8 great FR articles for the 8th March

The Feminist Review Collective have chosen their favourite eight articles for 8th March – let us know if you agree – free access during March too . . .. .

Read them here:

The list:

Femininity and its Discontents, Jacqueline Rose, Feminist Review (1983) 14, 5–21

Alert for Action, Pragna Patel, Feminist Review (1991) 37, 95–102.

Disabled women and the feminist agenda, Nasa Begum, Feminist Review (1992) 40, 70–84

Interruption, reproduction and genealogies of ‘staying put’ in diaspora space, Irene Gedalof, Feminist Review (2012) 100, 72–87.

Trans- bodies in/of war(s): cisprivilege and contemporary security strategy, Laura J Shepherd and Laura Sjoberg, Feminist Review (2012) 101, 5–23.

On the orgasm of the species: female sexuality, science and sexual difference, Amber Jamilla Musser, Feminist Review (2012) 102, 1–20

‘If I go in like a cranky sea lion, I come out like a smiling dolphin’: marathon swimming and the unexpected pleasures of being a body in water, Karen Throsby, Feminist Review (2013) 103, 5–22.

The injunctions of the spectre of slavery: affective memory and the counterwriting of community, Mina Karavanta, Feminist Review (2013) 104, 42–60

two tributes to Stuart Hall


Yasmin Gunaratnam is a Senior Lecturer in Sociology at Goldsmiths College and is a member of the Media Diversified writers Collective. Her book Death and Migrant was published by Bloomsbury Academic in 2013.. Yasmin is a member of the Feminist Review editorial collective.

Avtar Brah is Emerita Professor of Sociology at Birkbeck College, University of London. Her book Cartographies of a Disapora (1996) has been widely read internationally. She is the longest serving member of the journal Feminist Review. Her research has been entwined with committed pedagogic practices. For example, see the film Aaj Kaal on line.