cfp Debility and Fraility

Kahlos shoes

Feminist Review invites submissions for a Special Issue on the theme of ‘Frailty and Debility’. Given the longstanding feminist critique of the bounded, discreet and autonomous body this special issue wants to extend and investigate the cultural and biopolitical techniques that secure and normalise ablebodiedness. The issue aims to engage with and develop feminist discussions of embodiment, affect and care through the phenomena and problematic of frailty – be it bodily or cognitive — and what some writers have dubbed ‘debility’, defined as ‘the impairment, lack, or loss of certain bodily abilities’ (Julie Livingston). Both concepts provide a means of queering and thinking critically about the production of abled-bodies and notions of capability

[ Picture credit: Frida Kahlo’s shoes photograph by Migul Tovar, see: ]

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