Month: October 2014

my body is my manifesto! SlutWalk, Femen and femmenist protest

femen crop
‘Topless protesting has been done quite successfully in other contexts. Nigerian women have a long history of using topless and naked protesting as a powerful challenge to colonialism, capitalist interests and gender relations (Ekine, 2001;Turner and Brownhill, 2004). The subversive use of nakedness rests in the reclamation of women’s bodies to disrupt long-held societal disciplinary taboos.This differs from the nakedness of FEMEN because the sexualisation of women’s breasts is not taboo; it is the norm in many societies. FEMENs performance of nudity and wish to attract the male gaze rests on the premise that breasts deemed worthy of sexualisation, deemed desirable according to dominant norms, are the only breasts that can be rendered visible.’
theresa o’keefe in FR#107
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