Month: November 2014

‘I think we’ve swallowed the idea that you can be political if you just retweet this’

Jay Bernard in conversation with Sita Balani  and Camel Gupta – don’t tweet: read it!

Feminist Review issue 108 Many Voices One Chant 30th Anniversary Roundtable free to download here:

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from fr#108

‘When understood first as a politics of dwelling differently, and second as a strategy for addressing the ways in which racism, sexism, classism, ableism, homophobia, transphobia and xenophobia collude to exclude certain segments of society from spaces where power resides, gendered political blackness could be the most pointed way to decentre whiteness, not only in Britain, but more globally.’

Nydia A. Swaby

‘disparate in voice, sympathetic in direction’: gendered political blackness and the politics of solidarity

blurred fist and symbol