Free to view: sister to sister: developing a black British feminist archival consciousness by Yula Burin and Ego Ahaiwe Sowinski

In this article we explore some of our experiences within feminism over the last decade, our experiences as black women working in grassroots organisations and on the frontline, and through this we explore our connection to our black British feminist heritage and our understanding of activism. We have chosen to take an autoethnograpical approach to... Continue Reading →

Open Space Feminist Review (2014) 108, ‘The branch on which I sit’: reflections on black British feminism – Heidi Safia Mirza in conversation with Yasmin Gunaratnam

Heidi Safia Mirza’s work has been concerned with the local and geo-politics of gender, race, faith and culture. She has researched educational inequalities, including young black and Muslim women in school, and the workings of racialisation in higher education. Her recent work investigates current debates on multiculturalism and diversity, as well as cultural and religious... Continue Reading →

many chants, continued . . .

J I think there is definitely a certain look that has arisen in the past five or six years that is almost entirely to do with not looking like lesbians anymore. S Mm, I agree. J In terms of clothing, in terms of attitude, style, all the rest of it. C This isn’t close to... Continue Reading →

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