‘Food’: 2nd Call for Papers

Feminist Review is reissuing its call for articles and Open Space pieces for a special issue on Food. barley

Food is a feminist issue. From production, distribution and consumption, the gendered dynamics of all aspects of this arena of social, cultural and biological life repay feminist interrogation. This special issue invites contributions probing the politics, economics and affects associated with food at every stage of its lifecycle. With this second call we are looking particularly for work that takes a transnational or queer perspective to food, or that revisits feminist debates about food, embodiment and relational eating practices. Possible areas to be explored are:

  • The changing nature of food and sexual/gendered politics
  • Food and feminist organizing or creativity
  • Food, memory and kinship
  • The significance of food for the politics of belonging and migration
  • Food production or consumption and changing geopolitical contexts
  • Representations and food
  • Embodiment: gender, sexuality and eating
  • Or, perhaps you’d like to write something about food and pleasure!

If you would like to discuss your ideas for this issue please contact Feminist Review at feminist-review@londonmet.ac.uk Full articles or Open Space pieces in Feminist Review format to be submitted by Wednesday 30 September 2015. Manuscripts should be submitted through Feminist Review’s online submission system and in FR house style.

(image credit: tico_bassie, used under creative commons licence)

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