Neoliberalism, whiteness and representations of female success: An interview with Karen Wilkes

Karen Wilkes' article, "Colluding with neoliberalism: Post-feminist subjectivities, whiteness, and expressions of entitlement", appears in the latest issue of Feminist Review. Here, we catch up with her to find out more about her research. FR: Your article usefully brings together scholarship on neoliberalism, post-feminism and whiteness to examine representations of affluent white women within contemporary... Continue Reading →

Reflecting on feminist epistemology

In the latest issue of Feminist Review, Jackie Stacey's reflects on Robyn Wiegman's 2012 book Object Lessons: At last, the psychic life of feminist critical practice has been anatomised with devoted attention to the detail of its academic protocols and its wider transformative ambitions. [...] Object Lessons has an ambitious scope: the diagnosis of a... Continue Reading →

Issue 110 now online!

Issue 110 of Feminist Review is now available online, containing four new peer-reviewed articles: "irreconcilability in the digital: gender, technological imaginings and maternal subjectivity" by Helen Thornham "colluding with neo-liberalism: post-feminist subjectivities, whiteness and expressions of entitlement" by Karen Wilkes "Kate Davis: re-visioning art history after modernism and postmodernism" by Victoria Horne "between Islamophobia and... Continue Reading →

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