Issue 110 now online!

issue110Issue 110 of Feminist Review is now available online, containing four new peer-reviewed articles:

irreconcilability in the digital: gender, technological imaginings and maternal subjectivity” by Helen Thornham

colluding with neo-liberalism: post-feminist subjectivities, whiteness and expressions of entitlement” by Karen Wilkes

Kate Davis: re-visioning art history after modernism and postmodernism” by Victoria Horne

between Islamophobia and post-feminist agency: intersectional trouble in the European face-veil bans” by Dolores Morondo Taramundi

The open space pieces include poetry, a personal narrative of tattoos, atheism, feminism and Blackness, a report on ethnic minority women’s view of the UK Home Office immigration campaigns, and reflections on Robyn Wiegman’s book Object Lessons.

The issue also contains 10 book reviews, all free to access.

Full table of contents available here.

Make sure to keep an eye on the blog later this month and throughout the summer – we will be featuring author interviews, responses to articles, extracts from open space pieces and more once the issue is officially published.


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