Read Free FR Articles for #IWD2016

‘All around the world, International Women’s Day represents an opportunity to celebrate the achievements of women while calling for greater equality.’

The Feminist Review Collective is proud to present a selection of recent articles from Feminist Review addressing key issues in the fight for gender equality. Featuring a range of passionate, incisive feminist voices, the articles include a feminist strategy for economic recovery, a look at the effects of debility on politics, and a rethinking of how initiatives like “the Girl Effect” might impact women in the developing world. These articles are free to read until March 31- we hope you enjoy them!

The following are the articles that you can access for free:

Karen Throsby (2013) ‘If I go in like a cranky sea lion, I come out like a smiling dolphin’: marathon swimming and the unexpected pleasures of being a body in water. 103, 5-22.

Ofra Koffman, Rosalind Gill (2013) ‘The revolution will be led by a 12-year-old girl’ Girl power and global biopolitics. 105. 83-102.


Nydia A Swaby (2014) ‘Disparate in voice, sympathetic in direction’: gendered political blackness and the politics of solidarity. 108, 11-25.


Penny Griffin (2015) Crisis, austerity and gendered governance: a feminist perspective. 109, 49-72.

Ruth Pearson and Diane Elson (2015) Transcending the impact of the financial crisis in the United Kingdom: towards plan F—a feminist economic strategy. 109, 8-30.

Margaret Shildrick (2015) Living on; not getting better. 111, 10-24.


Lisa Blackman (2015) Affective politics, debility and hearing voices: towards a feminist politics of ordinary suffering. 111, 25-41.

You can access them on this page:



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