Call for Papers

Themed issue on ‘Transnational Feminist Research’ 

The Feminist Review Collective invites submissions to a themed issue on transnational feminist research.

‘Transnational feminisms’, as both activist and scholarly practice, is a plural field of feminism that has largely been developed and influenced by the work of women of colour and postcolonial scholars located in the West and non-West. These scholars and activists continue to expand, refine and build on the so-called ‘third wave’ feminist responses to Western liberal feminisms through an ongoing interrogation of frameworks such as: American imperialisms, ‘women in development’, ‘governance feminism’ and the modernity/tradition binary as a mode of organising knowledge and power in feminist-oriented projects. Thus, despite recent critiques of transnational feminism (see Fernandes, 2013), the influence of global transnational feminisms on feminist research and scholarship across different disciplines and on feminist activism has been, and continues to be, considerable. 

For this issue of Feminist Review, we seek contributions from scholars and activists, working within and across disciplines, located globally, who are critically engaging with transnational feminist frameworks to shape their research questions and design and/or their practice. We seek contributions that reflect on the process of constructing both research methods and methodologies that speak to the complexity of transnational feminist academic and/or activist projects and their accompanying research designs. This includes the kinds of epistemological innovations required when connecting method, methodology, fieldwork data and theory in transnational feminist research, and working against the grain of the existing canon and area studies scholarship.

We invite academic articles and creative interventions that address any of the following questions:

  • What kinds of methods and methodologies are central to the making of transnational feminist research questions and projects?
  • What happens when these projects are located primarily outside of the West, and even outside of the Western academy/university?
  • What methodologies adequately address transnational localities and the social spaces constructed by transnational migrants and other circuits and flows?
  • How have transnational feminist approaches helped us to ‘get the question right’ (Mamdani, 2013), or figure out what research questions to ask, in the first place?

Issue editors: Anneeth Kaur Hundle, Joanna Pares Hoare and Ioana Szeman

If you would like to discuss your ideas for this issue please contact the editors at, and

Full articles or Open Space pieces to be submitted by 2 January 2018.

Manuscripts should be submitted through Feminist Review’s online submission system and in FR house style. See