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Abortion access in Ireland: beyond Repeal


For the forthcoming themed issue of Feminist Review on ‘Abortion access in Ireland: beyond Repeal’, we invite the submission of transnational feminist commentaries that examine activism and legal change on reproductive politics across different contexts. The submission deadline is 15 May 2019.

The themed issue responds to the Irish referendum and the decision to Repeal the 8th, which facilitated the legalisation of abortion in Ireland. In relation to this, submissions might examine shifts towards repressive state responses, the flow of transnational feminist knowledge, silences, ruptures and lessons learnt, as well as new sites of optimism and activism. How does transnational feminist knowledge flow? What other histories are embroiled in the reproductive politics of Ireland? How have spaces of activism changed after Repeal the 8th? We also welcome submissions that examine the events in Ireland from alternative, forgotten or neglected perspectives, including diaspora, migrant, refugee, disabled, trans and lesbian lives.

Open Space submissions can be up to 3000 words, and blog posts should be 300 to 500 words. Feminist Review welcomes text and images that challenge how knowledge is presented for its Open Space section, but please do ensure that your submission adheres to the Feminist Review style guide. Please note that we are not accepting article submissions for this issue at this time.

Enquiries can be directed to Gina Heathcote (, Fiona De Londras ( or Sydney Calkin (

Please submit Open Space submissions to and blog posts to

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