The Unbearable Persistence of Whiteness

BY AGATA LISIAK How do racism and Islamophobia persist in situations and places that appear to be civil, even convivial? The Brexit vote in the summer of 2016 and Trump’s electoral victory later that year sent ripples of disbelief across the parts of the West that like to think of themselves as multicultural: how did we... Continue Reading →

Striking Universities

BY CARRIE BENJAMIN Since 22 February 2018, staff across 68 pre-1992 Higher Education Institutes (HEIs) have been engaged in an industrial dispute with Universities UK (UUK), the governing body that represents the vice-chancellors, directors, principals and wardens of universities across England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. At the centre of this dispute are the proposed... Continue Reading →

A reflection on vulnerable methods of research

BY TIFFANY PAGE My article, ‘Vulnerable writing as a feminist methodological practice’ in the Feminist Review themed issue on methods, is drawn from my PhD project. The project was concerned with locating vulnerability as a political and ethical concept as well as thinking about what vulnerability might mean as a methodological practice. How is vulnerability to... Continue Reading →

Marriage, Kinship, Modernity in South Asia

BY PARUL BHANDARI Asha Abeyasekera’s article, Narratives of choice: marriage, choosing right and the responsibility of agency in urban middle-class Sri Lanka' is a much needed contribution in the field of marriage, kinship, and modernity that provides a nuanced understanding of urban Sri Lankan women’s negotiations with self-expression, modernity, and contours of continuity. Her work helps establish... Continue Reading →

Gender and Religious Freedom under Secular Law

Earlier this month the city of Nice lifted its controversial burkini ban after a national court ruling in France. Even while human rights lawyers fight the cases which (in the case of the ban in Villeneuve-Loubet) according to France's Council of State "seriously and clearly illegally breached fundamental freedoms", some politicians are adamantly in support of it. This... Continue Reading →

Collective Reflections on BREXIT

The Feminist Review Collective members have put together narrative fragments reflecting on their reactions to the EU referendum results and its effects. The pieces are intended to be anonymous, but to capture the diversity in positionality and viewpoints in the collective. BREXIT Reflections I have never felt a sense of belonging to a nation state.... Continue Reading →

Gender, Violence and Indian Modernity

"The Feminist Review issue 112 is a welcome addition to the global discussion on gender-based violence from multidisciplinary perspectives", writes Asiya Islam, a PhD researcher exploring issues surrounding gender violence and Indian modernity in University of Cambridge. This brief post by her situates India on this map to consider how violence against women in India... Continue Reading →

Read Free FR Articles for #IWD2016

'All around the world, International Women's Day represents an opportunity to celebrate the achievements of women while calling for greater equality.' The Feminist Review Collective is proud to present a selection of recent articles from Feminist Review addressing key issues in the fight for gender equality. Featuring a range of passionate, incisive feminist voices, the... Continue Reading →

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